About the Ride

about the rideHow is the ride on your Green Money Stream? Is it a fast-paced and frightening, at times dangerous ride filled with white water rapids where you are always trying to avoid the next disaster?

Is it a dried up old creek with its small trickle of muddy water stranding you in one place, preventing you from moving forward?

Something in between?

What if your Green Money Stream was wide and calm and you could drift peacefully along in an inner tube letting your fingertips gently skim along the water’s cool surface? Maybe a six-pack of your favorite beverage bobs along beside you.

This could be your Green Money Stream. And it could transport you all the way to the vast ocean of financial freedom, where the possibilities are limitless.

This is about your journey as much as it is about mine.

By sharing my experiences with you, both my personal experiences as well as my knowledge gained from years of working in the retirement industry, I hope to provide you with some helpful tools for your own journey.

Together we can learn to live a simple, frugal lifestyle while reducing the environmental impact on our surroundings. Through increasing our income stream, reducing expenses and becoming as self sufficient as possible we can achieve the financial freedom to live our lives away from the corporate world. I hope to exit the world of full-time employment in the near future and enjoy spending more time with my family and doing what matters to me.

Ready to get started?

Start your journey to financial freedom now. Here are some tips to get started saving money today:

  1. Cut the cable. You know you should be doing this, right? You’ve just been putting it off because you think you’ll miss it too much or your kids will be annoyed with you. Does television provide real value in your life or is it actually just a way of wasting your valuable time? Do you need 150 channels or would 15 serve the purpose? Challenge yourself to cut the cord with your cable company and I bet you’ll agree that you are better off for it. Buy a $30 digital antenna to get the basic channels for free and save $80 to $100 a month. It really is that simple.
  2. Lose the expensive cell phone plan. Did you know you could get a reliable plan for around $10 a month? This will help save another $100 or more per month.
  3. Ditch the car payments. First of all, don’t buy a new car. Save yourself the expense of losing a third of the value of the car in it’s first 3 years of life. Let some other sucker pay for that. If you have to finance a car, work it so you can pay it off in a year or less. Choose a good quality car so it will last. You’ll have $200 to $400 a month more in your pocket, depending on your current payments.
  4. Get Cooking. The average American spends over $1,000 a year on work lunches alone. If you just cut back on the number of lunches and dinners you eat out each month you can easily save $50 to $100 a month. Try once a month cooking and when making dinners, just plan on making extra that can be brought to work for lunch the next day.

I hope you’ll share your journey with me, whatever your own goals may be, so we can all float peacefully along the Green Money Stream.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Kay @ Green Money Stream

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


9 Responses to About the Ride

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  6. We share very similar goals, good luck on your journey Kay!

    Andy / theFIREstarter

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